Banff Warden Office staff 1985


November 6, 1985 –  Banff National Park Warden Service

Back row:  Gary Foysten, Don Waters, John Steele, Glen Peers, Chris Worobets, Ken Shroeder, Sean Meggs, Brian Higgins

Marc Ledwidge, Tom Davison, Larry Gilmar, Doug Martin, Gord Irwin, Gaby Fortin, Clair Israelson, Perry Jacobson, Ian Pengelly,

Dan Graham, Bill Browne, Dale Field, Moe Vroom, Randy Fingland, Brian Low, Mark Heathcott.

Front row:  Dave Norcross, Jay Morton, Will Devlin, Ev Gilmar and her dog Amanda, Reg Bunyan, Tim Laboucane, Scott Ward and his dog Gypsy,

Tim Auger, Ian Syme, Charlie Pacas, Al Gribbon, John Nylund.


2 thoughts on “Banff Warden Office staff 1985

  1. This photo was taken by Bruno Engler to mark the 100th anniversary of Banff Park and it brings back good memories of that time. I wonder, however, if the caption is correct? The initial attack crew member standing between Moe Vroom and Brian Low is listed as “Randy Fingland”. I have a feeling that it might not be Randy and it could actually be John Groeneveld.

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