Warden Badge

Warden Badge Horses Patoot 

When Ole Hermanrude was Chief Warden of Pacific Rim, the above featured badge was sent out for preview before implementing Canada wide.  After inspecting it he threw it at Warden Gordon Mclain stating that it “was only good for pinning on a horses ass.”.  Gordon asked if he wanted it back and the answer was a resounding no. ( Negative feedback stopped production). Warden Frank Busrstom  carved the above and it was presented at Ole Hermanrudes retirement a few years later in Kootenay Park. It has resided on Ole and Alices mantle ever since and  is highly valued..



3 thoughts on “Warden Badge

  1. I remember this piece of garbage, with no writing on it, very well. CPW Alfie MacDonald, at SLI, wrote a scathing letter to the bureaucrats calling it “a Fearless Fosdic cracker jack prize”. Return instructions were to pack them up and send them back to Regional Office. The result was the new bilingual Warden badge which may still be in use?
    Al Gibbs Oct. 23

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