Month: March 2014

The Freedom Seeker, by Jim Deegan, January 22, 1988 (The escape of “Sam” from the Banff Buffalo Paddock inspired Jim to compose this poem about the escape and subsequent recapture of Sam).

Timberline Tales revised edition – Folklore in Verse of the Canadian Rockies Jim Deegan THE FREEDOM SEEKER Out at the buffalo paddock Within the confines of the Park The autumn leaves had fallen And the land lay cold and...

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Jimmy Deegan Stories

After passing on Don Mickles story of Jim Deegans last ride to my mother Alice Hermanrude she started to laugh and retell several stories of Jim when he was Dads assistant at Healy Creek for 2 summers.   The first one one...

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Jim Deegan’s Last Ride

In the summer of 1997 two Park Wardens, Keith Everts and Don Mickle, rode up the Alexandra River. Our pack boxes contained a few days grub, a bottle of scotch and..Jim Deegan. We made our way up  the Alexandra River to...

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Cuthead Warden School 1955

Good evening folks, Picture ID for pic submitted by Mac Elder, Here is a list of names of the Wardens who attended  Cuthead in 1955. This was compiled by Jim Deegan at some point. Our copy has been laminated and only one name...

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