Cuthead Warden School 1955

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Picture ID for pic submitted by Mac Elder,

Here is a list of names of the Wardens who attended  Cuthead in 1955. This was compiled by Jim Deegan at some point. Our copy has been laminated and only one name has been corrected by  Alice Hermanrude. This list will start at the left rear with Jim Deegan – Lake Louise BNP and end at right front corner with Glen Fagan – Castle Mountain BNP. 

#1 Jim Deegan -Lake Louise BNP  ( pipe/cap)

#2 Malcom McNabb – Ottertail YNP

#3 Neil Wooledge – YaHaTinda BNP (camera)

#4 Joe Allen – Riding Mountain Park (RMNP)

#5 Bob Hand – BNP (no jacket)

#6 Alex Young – RMNP

#7 Ed Sipes – RMNP

#8 Percy (Beef ) Woodworth – Lake Louise BNP (no tie)

#9 Glen Brooks – Marble Canyon Kootenay NP (end of back row)

#10 Olaf Hermanrude – Healy Creek BNP (front left)

#11 Harry Harrison – Prince Albert NP

#12 Gerry (Red) Lister – Cyclone Mountain BNP (Cap-seated 2nd step)

#13 Bert Pittiway- BNP ( seated 1st step/plaid shirt)

#14 Robert Turpin – Sask River Crossing BNP ( behind Bert)

#15 Walter Perrin – Alpine Specialist BNP (sweater)

#16 Wallace McPhee – Windy BNP (seated on ground/Cap)

#17 Ross Baker BNP

#18 Frank Lightbound – Bryant Creek BNP ( with pack)

#19 Glen Fagen – Castle Mountain BNP (right front/with rope)

Hope this helps


Rob Hermanrude



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