Rocky Mountain Rescue – 1956


3 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Rescue – 1956

  1. from Ed’s oral history: MR. CHRISTIANSEN: Bruno, yeah. He was going to take the pictures of these avalanches that we were going to create. Well, Walter Perren come out to Stoney Creek from Banff. He was the Assistant Chief Warden at the time. And the mountain rescue coordinator. And Bruno got set up on the Cascade Road, north of Stoney Creek. And myself and Walter Perren and three or four other guys from Banff skied up onto the Cascade Mountains there. And we’d found a — oh, a beautiful spot to create a snow slide. There was a big basin with a huge overhang and cornice on it. Well, we got up there and we had quite a bit of dynamite with us. And we blasted that cornice two or three times and we couldn’t budge it. And it was just — you knew it was gonna go. So we had packed a crosscut saw up there, about six feet long. And Perren said, ‘Well, we’ll go down there and we’ll cut it.’ And it was my district, so I said, ‘Well, I’ll go with you, Walter.’ It was just the two of us went down on it. And this bowl was shaped like that and we come down and we walked across. And we cut up like that to where we had knocked the snow down from the cornice. Then we come back onto this side where we’d got onto it. And we started cutting up here like that. We got up to the top and I or Bruno said, ‘I think’ — or Walter — said, ‘I think we’ve cut enough.’ And Walter just stepped off of that piece that we had — across the cut line onto the solid snow. And I was — I turned to do something and it let go. And I was still standing on it. And I managed to throw myself onto the solid snow and dig in. And Walter come down there and got a hold of me. And that whole thing had gone clean to the solid rock. And I got back up on the solid snow there and I said to Walter, ‘I sure hope Bruno got his bloody picture.’
    MR. KNOX: What a story! Scared you pretty good? MR. CHRISTIANSEN: Not at the time. But I can remember getting back to the cabin at Stoney Creek and I couldn’t roll a cigarette.

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