1968 Warden School in Jasper

Ted Anderson sent me this photo of the participants in the warden school 1968

Jasper Warden School 1968.  Can anyone help confirm the identity and fill in the blank names of the park wardens  in this group shot?

So far from left to right we have:

Back row:  John Wackerle, Pat Stapleton, Neil Mackie, unknown, unknown, unknown, Keith Brady, unknown, Bob Haney

3rd  row:  Ed Carleton, Bill ?, Mickey Maguire, Walter Perren (or Bert Pittaway), Unkown, Unkown, Unknown, Unknown,  Andy Corrigal, Ole Hermanrude

2nd row:  Larry Gilmar, Ray Frey, Bill Waselenchuk, unknown, Duane Martin, Unknown, Harold Duggan, Unknown, Unknown,

Front row:  Ted Anderson, Bob Barker, Jay Morton, Unknown, Dale Loewen, Keith Foster, Paul Kutzer.




5 thoughts on “1968 Warden School in Jasper

  1. Had a visit with Mac today and got him to look at the photo. Still some holes in our memories but here is our “best guess”
    Last row – same names as listed but believe #5 from left (glasses) is Cal Allen
    Second row – 2nd from left “Bill” Walberger, #4 is Bert Pittaway, #5 we think is Bill Montgomery ((garage/fleet manager), #6 Denny Williamson (JNP Supt), #7 Tom Smith (Asst Supt)
    3rd row – no suggestions
    Front row – no suggestions


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  2. The individual in Back row-4th from right looks a lot like a younger Fred Wallace who was then working at Cape Breton Highlands and 2nd from right may be Bert Buchanan also at CBH.Fred is living in Glovertown, NL near Terra Nova N.P.

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