1985 Reunion at Stoney Creek – group shot

Stoney Creek 1985 Reunion

Stoney Creek 1985 Warden Service Reunion

Back row L-R: Joe Halstenson, Jim Raby, Keith Foster, Mac Elder, Andy Anderson, Gord Anderson, Bill Waslenchuck. Jim Quinn, Ruth Quinn, Larry Gilmar, Al Moore, Sid Marty, Bill Vroom (behind Nellie McPhee).

3rd row: Scott Ward, Ina Lee, Doreen Halstenson, Inez Peyto, Nora Peters, Barb Anderson, Margaret Shaddock, Joy Young, Sharon Anderson, Geraldine Wilkinson, Ruth Quinn, Jane Gilmar, Bert Pittaway, Ron Langevin, Myrna Marty (behind Jim Burles), Jim Burles, Gaby Fortin, Bev Rutherford, Moe Vroom, Nellie McPhee, Alice Hermanrude, Ted Stafford.

2nd Row: Gerry Campbell, Oscar Lee, John Turnbull, Jim VanTassell, Lois VanTassell, Clarence Wilkinson, Elmer Jamieson, Viola Jamieson, Geraldine Kraft, Marlene Langevin, Paul Kutzer, Ed Carleton, Wally McPhee, Ted Anderson.

Front row: Nona Foster, Fred Dixon, Alan Young, Frank Coggins, Frank Lightbound, Ole Hermanrude, Mike Schintz, Ted Christiansen, Fred Kraft, Marion Kutzer, Dorothy Carleton, Irene Brooks, Colleen Coggins, Glen Brooks.

Andy & Barb Anderson photo

Others who attended and are not in the photo:  Doug Burles, Steve & Gail Kun, Jack Holroyd, Gordie & Jan Peyto, Tom Ross.


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