Jurassic fossil found at the Ya Ha Tinda Ranch




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Park Warden Service Alumni Society Fundraising for Legacy Projects


The Board of Directors of the Park Warden Service Alumni Society is on a mission to establish a legacy for the Warden Service that will be memorable and help to recognize and preserve the iconic image and role of the National Park Warden Service. We are seeking your help to achieve our goal to ensure the importance of the Park Warden Service’s past and present role as protector of the national park’s environmental integrity while still ensuring the continued safety of the many visitors who enter and enjoy Canada’s national parks.

The iconic image and past role of a National Park Warden has changed over the past couple of decades. The varied duties that a Park Warden carried out in the past have been reduced to a law enforcement role. All the other traditional Warden duties, such as public safety and resource conservation (to name only a couple) have long ago been assigned to other Parks Canada staff who are specialists in the duties Wardens once handled. The iconic image of a Warden in a Stetson and often on horseback in the backcountry or front country is now less well-known or visible to the public. Continue reading