Healy Creek log house

Here is a picture on winter in the late 50s.. Original 3 room cabin had been added onto . First a kitchen with a indoor bathroom and then an entry porch.

My mother Alice Hermanrude said that when the Parks carpenters were adding the kitchen roof they found charred  structure wood around the chimney. they told her that she was very lucky the building had not caught fire and burnt down around us..At that time there was just my two sisters and my mom who was pregnant with me.. HealyCreek circa late 50s

The garage to the right was built by my Dad Ole.. I am not sure where or how he got the material..

Merry Christmas to all

Robert Hermanrude


The passing of Willie Courtoreille, a former employee in WBNP …

Willie Courtoreille

For those folks that had the fortunate opportunity to have worked with Willie, when he worked in the Fire program in Fort Smith and as a Patrolman out of Fort Chipewyan, click on the link below. I had the pleasure of working with him during my tenure in Fort Chip from 1989 to 1994. His extensive knowledge of the “land” in Wood Buffalo National Park was immeasurable, as he provided an invaluable resource to turn to for information or advice, which he readily shared … indeed, he will be missed …