Dear Retired Park Warden or Resource Conservation Colleague:

The Park Warden Service Alumni Society is collecting the oral work histories of former and retired Park Wardens, Resource Conservation Specialists, and Associates members. We would like to include your Parks Canada work history in the collection of oral histories. The oral histories reside on the Alumni’s website ( and in the archival collections at the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies in Banff, Alberta. 

Collecting the work histories and stories from former Parks Canada field personnel is the Alumni’s major project. So far, we have completed well over one hundred oral histories, all of which are now posted on the website. Have a look at one or more of your former colleagues’ oral histories.

We are approaching you with the anticipation that you will be willing to participate by completing the attached self-completing work history questionnaire. We are taking this approach because our resources prevent us from interviewing you in person. This is an ideal opportunity for you to allow the spotlight to shine on you and your service as a park warden or resource conservation specialist. We trust you will agree to add your many stories about the work you did during your career working in Canada’s national parks.

If you need help completing the questionnaire or have trouble with any question on it, please contact Don Mickle (, Perry Jacobson ( Once you have finished the questionnaire, please return it along with a couple of scanned photos of yourself by email to Don Mickle or Perry Jacobson. Please sign the Release Form and send it by mail to: 

Park Warden Society, PO Box 1611, Turner Valley, AB   T0L 2A0. 

We look forward to receiving and reading your oral history soon. Cheers!

David Reynolds, President, Park Warden Service Alumni Society


The attached questionnaire has been set up so you can “self-complete” your working history and stories by retired or former Park Wardens, Resource Conservation Specialists. Your history may be featured on the Park Warden Service Alumni Society website and included in the oral history collection at the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies.
Note: It will be available for reading by the public, researchers and other retirees.

Hopefully, this questionnaire accommodates the different work circumstances (i.e., various jobs) of every retired park warden and resource conservation specialist regardless of where you served in Canada.

The questionnaire is set up as a Word document, so make a save-as-file, give it your name and start typing in the space below each question. The space will increase as you type. Do not be afraid to say what you like (within reason) and include as much information as you like to get your story(s) out. Use as many pages as you like, we will edit the document to make it fit on the website and included in the collection at the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies.

When you are finished and comfortable with what you have provided, then please email it with a couple of photos to Don Mickle ( ) or Perry Jacobson ( ). Then, sign the Release Form and email it back to Marie Nylund ( If you have questions about completing the questionnaire, please contact Don or Perry for assistance.

The sooner you can complete the questionnaire to your satisfaction and signed and mailed the Release Form, the better. Thanks.