I found this delightful book on abebooks.ca.

 I Would Do It Again, Reminiscences of the Rockies, by Robert E. Campbell.

Published in 1959.  The author was 87 years old when he wrote the manuscript for this book.

Bob Campbell was born in Ontario in 1872.  He became a school teacher in the 1890s, teaching school in Saskatchewan.  Banff was in need of a teacher and Bob received an unexpected invitation to take on the job. Bob accepted and moved to Banff in 1896. After disembarking from the train Bob states, “We drove to the (Sanitarium) hotel in the only bus, an open two-seated sleigh drawn by a pair of roans named Tom and Jerry.  The driver was a teamster who had homesteaded on what is now known as the Buffalo Park.  He was a singer, with a not unpleasant voice.”

One of the first people he met was Tom Wilson who he worked for as a packer when he was not teaching.  Bob taught school for a few years and later, due to Tom Wilson’s influence, and the enjoyment of the wilderness, he became a guide.  Tom and Bob formed a partnership in the outfitting business.  Later Bob bought the horse business from Tom Wilson.  Bob relates many comical and not so comical events and adventures in this book.


Marie Nylund

April 2019.