Please do  not copy these photos as they are the property of Arto Djerderian who  kindly allowed us to share them on our website.

Jean Plested, Robert Jennings, Brook Plested, Denny Welsh, Colleen Loxam, Ken Pigeon, Deb Pigeon, Peter Applejohn, Frank Coggins, Colleen Coggins, Marie Nylund, John Nylund, Richard Regnier, Mrs. Regnier, Tom McKenzie, Ann Dixon-Bruder, Jim Quinn, Ruth Quinn, Lorne Cripps, Shirley Cripps, James Spidell, Rick Smith, Jean Smith.

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Regnier

P.J. Sings Yah Ha Tinda Bound

Mac Elder

Mac Elder and Ann Dixon-Bruder

Lorne Cripps

Group shot

Bob Barker

Ann Dixon-Bruder and her daughter Peggy Dixon-McRae.