These are the beautiful lyrics to a song co-written by Perry Jacobson/Jim Peace about Park Warden Don Mickle while on backcountry patrol. The lyrics were put to music on a CD “The Drifter” by Latigo.”



The Gymkhana at the Ya Ha Tinda Ranch

The photos were taken by T.S. Ted Anderson at the  October 11th, 1964 Ya Ha Tinda Gymkhana.The First Annual Ya Ha Tinda Ranch Gymkhana was held in 1962 or 1963.  It was a very successful event enjoyed by spectators and contestants alike.



Cloverleaf Barrel Race

1st        Jim Robertson riding Bea

2nd       Bill Vroom riding Chub

3rd        Tie: Joe Halstenson riding Soldier /Ed Stewart riding Doc


Log Skidding

1st        Jim Robertson riding Bea

2nd       Tie: Jim Robertson riding Wack/Bill Vroom riding Chub


Obstacle Course

1st        Jim Robertson riding Wack

2nd       Joe Halstenson riding Soldier

3rd        Bill Vroom riding Chub


Performance Class

1st        Jack Woledge riding Skip

2nd       Ed Stewart riding Doc

3rd        Joe Halstenson riding Soldier

Walking Race – 300 yards

1st        Jack Holroyd riding Calico

2nd       Jack Woledge riding Skip

3rd        Earl Hayes riding Snap

Trailer Loading Race

1st        Jim Robertson riding Bea

2nd       Jim Robertson with Wack

3rd        Bill Vroom with Chub

Horse Packing Contest

1st        Ed Stewart with Doc

2nd       Bill Vroom with Chub

3rd        Jim Robertson with Bea

OPEN COMPETITION – Other than 3 year olds.

Cloverleaf Barrel Race

1st        Mickey Gilmar riding Peppy Stepper (Ya Ha Tinda stallion)

2nd       Larry Gilmar riding Brownie

3rd        Larry Gilmar riding Chip

Walking Race

1st        Smokey Guttman riding Pearl

2nd       Gerry Lyster riding Smoky

3rd        Mickey Gilmar riding Peppy Stepper

Pole Bending

1st        Mickey Gilmar riding Peppy Stepper

2nd       Larry Gilmar riding Chip

3rd        Larry Gilmar riding Brownie

Obstacle Race

1st        3-way tie with 85 points:

Jack Woledge riding Peggy

Ted Stafford riding Peeper

Ev Gilmar riding Wings

2nd       Gerry Lyster riding Smoky 84 points.

3rd        2-way tie with 83 points

Joe Halstenson riding Star

Earl Skjonsberg riding Jinx

Open Half Mile Race

1st        Ev Gilmar riding Wings

2nd       Larry Gilmar riding Chip

3rd        Gerry Lyster riding Smoky

Photos from the October 11th, 1064 Ya Ha Tinda Ranch Gymkhana:

Top left:  Wally McPhee riding Chip, T.S. (Ted) Anderson in the packing event, T.S. (Ted) Anderson riding Judy over a  jump; Larry Gilmar barrel racing on grey horse; Frank Coggins on the bronc; Don Sutherland barrel race; Bill Vroom barrel race, riding Caroline; and Bill Vroom packing event winner.



1918 Photo of the Ya Ha Tinda – National Archives of Canada