Blue Creek Bride, A Kiwi rides into the Rockies with her warden husband.  Leanne J. Minton, 2013.

Leanne Minton spent her childhood in rural New Zealand where she developed a love for writing and the outdoors.  Moving to the city to find work after leaving school, she had a variety of jobs before settling on a teaching career.  In her early 30’s she moved to London, England, and after a curious chain of events, made a trip to Canada where she met her future husband.  Leaving her life in London to get married, she moved to the small Rocky Mountain town of Jasper where her husband worked as a backcountry park warden. Accompanying him on horseback on five patrols, Leanne kept diaries on which she based Blue Creek Bride.  She now lives with her husband in New Zealand.

Watch for Leanne’s second book “Brazeau Bound” to be published soon.