DRAFT MINUTES OF THE PARK WARDEN SERVICE ALUMNI SOCIETY OF ALBERTA ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING HELD ON THURSDAY, JUNE 4TH, 2015 AT PINE BUNGALOWS, JASPER, ALBERTA. PRESENT: Dale Portman, Chairman Marie Nylund, Secretary-Treasurer, Mac Elder, Larry Gilmar, Perry Jacobson, Rod Wallace, Don Mickle, Bob Haney, Kathy Calvert, Gord Anderson.

ABSENT: Scott Ward, Gord Antoniuk, Cliff White, Perry Davis

GALLERY: (members & others) David & Colleen Reynolds, Dennis Welsh, Lawrence Baraniuk, Bev Hunter, Bob Barker, John Nylund, Jane Gilmar, Alan & Lisa Westhaver, Bob Stevenson, Rob Kaye, Alf & June Burstrom, Allan & Nona Stendie, Elaine Jacobso, (and one person whose signature is hard to read).

1.0 CALL TO ORDER The meeting was called to order at 2:10 pm.

The Chairman introduced Michal Wasuita (owner of Pine Bungalows) and thanked him for providing the venue for the meeting & barbecue and the special rates for accommodation. Michal welcomed everyone to Pine Bungalows and spoke about his appreciation of the Warden Service. Michal and Mike Dillon, Cultural Resources Officer for Jasper, have set up an interesting display of Warden Service memorabilia and photos which everyone enjoyed. The chairman announced that a barbecue hosted by Greg VanTighem will follow the meeting. The cost is $10 per person with proceeds to the M.S. Society.


Item 7.2 Lake Louise Ski Area Development was added to the Agenda.

MOTION: HANEY/MICKLE – to approve the Agenda as amended. CARRIED.

3.0 APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES. 3.1 Minutes of May 22, 2014 Annual General Meeting The Minutes of the May 22, 2014 Annual General Meeting had been circulated electronically to members for review prior to the meeting. There were also 2-3 copies provided to those in attendance today.

MOTION: ELDER/REYNOLDS – that the Minutes of the May 22nd, 2014 Annual General Meeting be approved. CARRIED.


4.1 Audited Financial Statement – January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2014 Marie reviewed last year’s financial statement. The opening bank balance was $7,647.34. Total revenue for 2014 was $3,753.74; total expenditures were $6,052.84. The year end balance was $5,348.24. Members were provided copies of the letter from Don Hepburn regarding the 2014 financial activities of the Park Warden Service Alumni Society (audit). Mr. Hepburn states that the balance sheet summary for the fiscal year 2014 accurately reflects the current financial status and fully displays the activities of the previous 12 months as recorded on the statements provided by the Bow Valley Credit Union as well as the deposit slips, invoices, cancelled cheques and receipts. The audited financial statement will accompany the Provincial Annual Return to be submitted in the fall. 1

4.2 Revenue & Expenses to May 31st, 2015 Marie reported that the opening bank balance for 2015 was $5,348.24. Revenue to May 31st, is $2,889.46; disbursements to May 31st are $796.55. A $50 donation has been made to the Keith Everts Warden Service Scholarship. The current bank balance is $7,441.15. It is anticipated that approximately $200 in memberships will be collected today.

MOTION: WALLACE/HANEY – to approve the financial report as presented. CARRIED.


Kathy reported that membership remains strong with a total membership of 126 members. There are 87 Voting members; 5 Associate members; 9 Honourary members and 25 Lifetime members. A total of 27 members have not yet renewed for 2015, however, several will renew their memberships today. The Lifetime members are not required to pay membership dues but have collectively donated $515.

MOTION: MICKLE/HANEY – to approve the Membership Report as presented. CARRIED.


6.1  Luxton Museum display Don Mickle provided information on the proposal by Stan Cowley of the (Buffalo Nations) Luxton Museum to add a Warden Service display to the museum. Mr. Cowley recommended the focus of the display be the history of the Warden Service through a life sized display of a Park Warden and 2 horses encountering a cougar kill while on patrol in the backcountry. The horses would need to be mounted by a taxidermist and a mannequin would need to be outfitted in a uniform of “old time” warden. The museum has a cougar (mounted) in a tree that could be used in this exhibit. PWSAS has researched the cost of taxidermy for 2 horses and has learned that it would cost $14,000 per horse for each horse at a total cost of $28,000 plus GST. This cost is prohibitive for our organization. The concept was well received by the membership, and all agreed that the cost was prohibitive. However, suggestions were put forward as follows:

1. Fiberglass horses – perhaps we can access used fiberglass horses from other museums or organizations. 2. A fiberglass horse could be painted to resemble “horse hide”. The Parks Canada Sheep’s Head brand could be painted on and also a hoof brand as used by the Ya Ha Tinda Ranch. 3. Survey other museums to determine if there are possibly other horses that have undergone taxidermy that may be surplus. 4. Check out the “Yellowstone Ranger Museum” to ascertain what sort of horse exhibits they use.

6.2 Oral History Project

Don Mickle reported that since 2009 there have been 42 Oral History Interviews completed by Christine Everts. The list of people who have been interviewed was provided to the gallery as well as the financial report for the Oral History Project. Total investment over the 6 phases has been $26,196.69. We received a total of $12,826.50 in Provincial grants. The net investment is $13,369.19. A brain storming session followed with the following names being proposed for future interviews: Alfie Burstrom, Byron Irons, Jim McIntyre, Dennis Welsh, Bill Dolan, Bob Barker, Al Stendie, Gord Peyto, Paul Peyto, Lawrence Baraniuk, Dave Carnell, Jim Davies, Gary Foreman, Brian Sheehan, Brian Wallace, Brian MacDonald, Terry Damm, John Steele, John Taylor, Tom Elliot, Lloyd Freese, John Day, Traf Tayor, Doug Martin, Derek Tilson, Doug Burles, Diane Volkers, and Marv Miller.

ACTION: Don Mickle/Marie will pass on these names to Christine Everts.
6.3 Publishing of Oral Histories

This project is problematic. Dale and Kathy spoke about the enormous editing that would be required to ensure the publishing of the oral histories in a suitable format. Each selected history would need to be condensed and edited to appeal to the public. A book size and format similar to the ‘Amazing Stories’ series published by Altitude Publishing Canada of Canmore would be appropriate. (These books measure 5 1⁄2” by 8 1⁄2” with up to 150 pages per book). The coffee table book has more appeal to the public and would be easier to accomplish. 6.4 Coffee Table book The coffee table book project is achievable. Rocky Mountain Books is interested in publishing the book and would want to see the format of the book a.s.a.p. In order to have the book ready for the 2017 Ya Ha Tinda Centennial the project needs to be started immediately. The idea is that each photo submitted must have a short paragraph or two describing what is taking place. A show of hands indicated strong support for the coffee table book. ACTION: A committee for Jasper Park was struck consisting of Gord Anderson, Al Stendie, Bob Barker, and Lawrence Baraniuk to collect photos. It was suggested that Mike Dillon, Jasper Cultural Resource Specialist, may be able to offer copies of old photos from the Don Dumpleton collection.

ACTION: A committee for Banff Park was struck consisting of Perry Jacobson, Rod Wallace, Kathy Calvert and Don Mickle.

ACTION: Explore sponsorship of this project. A deadline of September 30th was set for photo submissions. A maximum two-paragraph description would need to accompany each photo. The Chairman introduced Bob Stevenson who offered to provide guidance on development of the coffee table book. Bob presented the Warden Service Alumni with a copy of the book “Fish & Feathers”. The chairman thanked Bob followed by applause from the gallery.

6.5 Greeting card design

From time to time the executive sends a thank you card, condolence card etc. It has been recommended at an executive meeting that we design a card for this purpose. An example is a 5”x5” blank card which would serve our needs. The alumni logo or a photo(s) could be used on the front of the card. Packaged cards could possibly be printed for sale at the Ya Ha Tinda Centennial.

ACTION: Kathy will look into the design and printing of blank greeting cards.

6.6 Ya Ha Tinda Ranch Centennial 2017

Bob Haney provided a summary of discussions with Banff Superintendent Dave McDonough regarding the Ya Ha Tinda Ranch 2017 centennial. This occurs the same year as Canada 150 celebrations. Parks Canada has stipulated the event must be an open, public gathering. The original concept of a 2-day event would have involved up to 400 people as guests. However, this concept is not manageable by the Wardens Alumni due to: 1) enormity of organizing such a large event; 2) lack of funding; and 3) liability risks incurred by the Wardens Alumni. At the April meeting the Board recommended that the event be down-sized to an afternoon “Old Fashioned Picnic” event which would see guests bring their own lunch and attend the ranch buildings for an afternoon of entertainment and commemorative plaque
ceremony. Guests would choose to make a day trip or choose to camp at Bighorn Campground or Eagle Creek campground. Dave McDonough was supportive of this concept; however, it must remain open to the public. Supt. McDonough indicated that Parks Canada could partner on the cost of the commemorative plaque. If the celebration plans go ahead, Rick Smith, Ya Ha Tinda Ranch Manager, would be the contact for Parks Canada. The matter of liability risk on the part of the Park Warden Service Alumni Society was discussed. Even though this is a smaller event liability risks still exist and could pose a problem. Liability insurance may need to be purchased. The issue is that the Park Warden Service Alumni Society would be hosting an event on “private land” owned by Parks Canada. The question of who is responsible when it comes to liability for this special event needs to be clarified.

ACTION: Next Board Meeting: Before going ahead, the matter of liability risk for the Park Warden Service Alumni Society must be addressed and clarified.

ACTION: Next Board Meeting: An organizing committee needs to be formed by inviting members to volunteer. This group would come up with ideas for the picnic and entertainment as well as assist in the design of a commemorative plaque. A recess was called at 3:30 pm. The meeting reconvened at 3:45 pm.


Item 7.2 Lake Louise Development was discussed prior to 7.1

In response to a question regarding whether or not the Wardens Alumni intends to comment on the proposed Lake Louise Development the chairman responded that the society was not aware of this announcement. Bob Haney gave a brief synopsis of the Lake Louise development proposal. This plan has been in the works for 3 years and Bob has been providing some input into the plan. Part of the proposal would see some land returned to Parks Canada and some expansion of facilities on the remaining ski hill land. Bob offered to provide a website address to anyone who wishes to read the proposal.

7.1 Rob Kaye – “Born to the Wild-Journals of a National Park Warden in the Canadian Rockies Rob gave a review of his newly released book. In the book Rob recounts his boyhood adventures growing up in Jasper National Park and his experiences as a park warden. Rob brought several copies available for purchase. The book has been well received.

The Chairman presented a Park Warden Service Alumni Society vest to Alfie Burstrom. A vest was also given to Mike Wasuita for his generosity and support for the Annual General Meeting.

8.0 ELECTION OF OFFICERS The Chairman opened the floor to the election of officers and reported and all board member terms have expired. The floor was opened for nominations for President.

MOTION: CALVERT/REYNOLDS – to nominate Dale Portman as President.  CARRIED

MOTION: ELDER/WESTHAVER – move that nominations cease. Dale Portman elected as President by acclamation. CARRIED
The floor was opened for nominations for Vice-President.

MOTION: NYLUND/MICKLE – to nominate Gordon Antoniuk as Vice-President. CARRIED

MOTION: HANEY/WALLACE – that nominations cease. CARRIED

Gordon Antoniuk elected as Vice-President by acclamation.

The Floor was opened for nominations for Secretary-Treasurer.

MOTION: PORTMAN/ANDERSON – to nominate Marie Nylund as Secretary-Treasurer. CARRIED

No further nominations were put forth. Marie Nylund was elected by acclamation. The floor was opened for nominations for directors to serve 2-year and 3-year terms. MOTION: ELDER/PORTMAN – to nominate Dave Reynolds as a director. CARRIED

The previous Board members have indicated interest in remaining on the Board.

MOTION: WESTHAVER/PORTMAN – to nominate all the previous directors for the board of directors. CARRIED.

Dave Reynolds, Kathy Calvert, Scott Ward, Don Mickle, Bob Haney, Perry Jacobson, Perry Davis, Gordon Anderson, Mac Elder, Rod Wallace, Larry Gilmar and Cliff White were elected as directors. ACTION: The 2 and 3 year terms will be determined at the fall executive meeting.


9.1 Kathy Calvert – book release “June Mickle, One Woman’s Life in the Foothills and Mountains of Western Canada”. Kathy announced that the book will be released at the Banff Mountain Book Festival in October.

9.2 BBQ after the meeting The barbecue is hosted by Greg VanTighem and is a fundraiser for Multiple Sclerosis Society. The cost is $10 per person. It was agreed that the alumni donate $50 to the M.S. Society.

10. ADJOURNMENT MOTION: HANEY/MICKLE – to adjourn the meeting at 4:35 pm.