Jim Deegan ashesJim Deegan Ski

In the summer of 1997 two Park Wardens, Keith Everts and Don Mickle, rode up the Alexandra River. Our pack boxes contained a few days grub, a bottle of scotch and..Jim Deegan. We made our way up  the Alexandra River to Castlegueard Meadows. Jim had written a poem about Castleguard many years ago and his last request was to have his ashes spread over these meadows. Keith had prepared an old ski and Warden badge to leave in the meadows for Jim. We arrived at Castleguard Meadows on a spectacular sunny day. The wildflowers were abundant the glacier was brilliant in the sun. We had a toast of scotch and Deegan’s ashes drifted over the field of wildflowers. We placed the ski under a krumholtz and rode back down the valley, leaving Jim Deegan where he desired as a last resting place.