John Woodrow

To all of John’s family and friends it is with heavy hearts that we regret to inform you that John Woodrow set sail towards the last horizon and followed the setting sun to the great beyond at the age of 72. John passed away unexpectedly at his home in Calgary, Alberta on August 30 2020 with his daughter; Keri; and son-in-law; Roger; by his side.

John is survived by his daughter Keri (Roger) Rodger, and his son Simon (Taren) Rodger, and his grandchildren Sojourn Rodger-Duncan, Zenashe Rodger-Duncan, Kya Rodger, Jack Rodger, and his two brothers Peter (Ruth) Woodrow, James Woodrow, and his nieces Amanda Howard, Kirsten (Gord) Barschel, Serena Woodrow and his nephew Doug Woodrow, and his x-wife and friends Pamela and Bruce Rodger.

On December 22 1947 Robert & Christina (Brims) Woodrow welcomed their new baby into their lives in the town of Portsmouth, Hampshire, England. At the age of 12, the family sailed across the ocean to move to Rosetown, Saskatchewan with a final destination he would call home for many years, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. John went to school at Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Arts and Sciences and graduated in 1970 with a Diploma of Technology in Renewable Resources and in 1979 he was certified to be an Emergency Medical Technician.

John and his new bride; Pamela; and their daughter; Keri; headed out to Waterton, Alberta in 1970 to start their lives living a back country adventure. From Waterton John would move to Jasper, Alberta in 1971 where he remained a warden until 1988. After years of driving to the ocean to sail and dive for the weekend, John decided to live his next dream and move to Vancouver, British Columbia to live on his boat; Boadicea; in Vancouver Harbor with a few other harbors along the way. After a while, even this sailor needed to find a home on some land so John moved to Courtney, British Columbia where he would come to manage Desolation Yacht Charters in Comox, British Columbia.

In June of 1999, his life would be changed forever. John was hit by a drunk driver as a pedestrian on the road between Courtney and Comox effectively ending his ability to sail and work. Over the coming years, John would travel to Calgary, Alberta to visit family and friends. In December of 2013 John contacted his daughter; Keri; to inform her he had had a stroke. In June of 2014 John moved to Calgary to live with his daughter Keri, son-in-law Roger, and grandchildren Sojourn and Zenashe. As he had not lived with anyone since Keri was 6 it took a while for everyone to find their groove and how they now fit as a growing family. But we did find our new family niche and we were lucky to live and to get to know John past being a father and a grandfather over the last 6 years.

As we look back over the last years we all can say we were blessed to have John in our lives and our hearts. So to you John we raise a glass of rum and celebrate your life of adventure.

All our love and sympathy,

Keri, Roger, Sojourn & Zenashe

Grief never ends…

But it changes,

It’s a passage, not a place to stay.

Grief is not a sign of weakness, nor a lack of faith.