A successful and fun mini-reunion was held at the Lions club Campground in Nantion from Sept 6th – 8th, 2022.  Here are a three photos from this event.  A huge thank you to Alan Westhaver for organizing this fun event.


Back L-R: Patsy Murphy, Bob Barker, Glenda Eddy, Jim Murphy, Roger Eddy, Dale Portman, Bill Smith, Al Bjorn, Cliff White, Will Devlin, Dave Gilbride, Greg Keesey, Wes Olson, Terry Winkler, Rod Wallace, Johane Janelle, Larry Harbidge

Front: Mike Dillon, Alan Westhaver, Lisa Westhaver, Jackie Keesey, Joan Dillon, Dorothy Gilbride, Sharon Harbidge, Barbara Smith, Sharon Wood, Sue Childs-Devlin, Colleen Coggins, Kathy Calvert.


Among the missing:

Perry Jacobson, Dave & Colleen Reynolds. Marie Nylund, Sharon Walburger, Mac and Cathy Elder, Barbi Thordarson, Cheryl Sheehan, Allan & Wendi Gibbs.


Back row L-R: Colleen Reynolds, Johane Janelle, Barbi Thordarson, Sharon Wood, Colleen Coggins, Joan Dillon, Sharon Harbidge, Cheryl Walburger, Kathy Calvert.

Front row: Lisa Westhaver, Cathy Elder, Cheryl Sheehan, Jackie Keesey.