Edwin Knox – 1  Dorothy Gilbride – 2  Cheryl Abbott – 3  Mike Dillon – 4  Eileen McDonald – 5  Alan Westhaver – 6  Winnefred Comeau -7  Jackie Keesey – 8  Caron Kozachenko – 9 Heather Davis – 10  Patsy Murphy – 11  Perry Davis – 12  Wes Olson – 13  Johane Janelle – 14 Mike Comeau – 15  Brent Kozachenko – 16  Cheryl Sheehan – 17  Terry Winkler – 18  Ursula Winkler – 19  Lisa Westhaver – 20  Bill Smith – 21  Derek Pedersen – 22  Brian Wallace – 23 Greg Keesey – 24  Evelyn Gilmar – 25  Larry Vien – 26  Gord Anderson – 27  Sharon Anderson – 28 Jim Murphy – 29  Joan Dillon – 30  Ed Abbott – 31  Bev Fau – 32  Jean Fau – 33  Rosemary Power – 34  Eric Langshaw – 35  Dave Gilbride – 36

Canine participants L-R (ABC) Murphy, Barley, Fraser  Missing from photo:  Bill Browne, Debbie Browne, Doug Burles, Fay Burles, Rob Watt,           Carol Watt, Barb Cousins.

A huge shout-out and thank you to Alan and Lisa Westhaver for organizing and hosting a very successful reunion at the Elks Campground in Salmon Arm (May 7-9th).

The reunion was amazingly successful. It was so much fun, non-stop renewal of old friendships and making of new connections. With 5 people attending from Prince Albert National Park, a whole new dimension was added to the conversations. There was also a contingent to five persons from Waterton, which added still further to the reminiscing.  OveralI, enthusiasm for this event is growing.  An idea came up to chart out a timeline of the careers of those in attendance, where they had worked, and when. It was drawn out on a big gridded sheet of flip-chart paper and became an amazing focal point for discussions. 1962 was the starting point…defined by the beginning of Gord Anderson’s career in Jasper.

Although the weather started out pretty brisk on Tuesday it quickly turned to blue skies, shirtsleeve weather and sun.  Five couples even decided to stay an extra day!  Bradley Bischoff and Scott Duncan put on an absolutely terrific 1.5 hour concert in the Elks Hall, everyone attended plus 10 – 15 guests.  Folks agreed it was a great addition to the reunion. It was a warm evening, so visiting continued until midnight on Wednesday.

Next year’s reunion will be held in Alberta.