Sad news from Salmon Arm BC.. My mum Alice passed away April 16, 2019 at 89+ years.

Another of the original ” Silent Partners” has now left the rest of us behind. It is very hard to find the words to express the sadness and loss that our family is feeling. Mum came to Banff to work at the Banff School of Fine Arts and while there, met and married a young warden- Ole in 1950. While still expecting her first of four children Mum and Dad were stationed at Healy Creek for over 15 years. At first it was a 3 room log cabin ( with an entry porch at the rear). While expecting her third child (me) the Parks added a kitchen, a bathroom and a small back door porch along with a well under the house equipt with a gas powered well pump that mum never could master. Still it was better than walking from the cabin to Healy Creek in all weather to fill pails of water.  In 1960 a new house was built next to the new Trans Canada Highway which meant we were no longer locked behind a fire road gate .  In 1966 Dad became Assistant Chief of Jasper, then 3+ years later chief of Revelstoke / Glacier. It was back to Jasper for a couple more years until the move to Pacific Rim Park with Dad as Chief Warden again. 3 years later Mum moved to Invermere  when Dad was Chief of Kootenay Park. Retirement in 1980 was much looked forward to as Mum and Dad purchased their first  and only home ever.  From fishing, bowling, travelling, gardening, old time dancing and visiting with many many friends who dropped in they had many years of happiness until Dad passed in 2012.  Strong willed is one term that applied to mum as she was determined to continue to live in her Salmon Arm home. She fought through 2 strokes to continue to live life her way until the last 2 years. Being at Andover Terrace and having quite a few new chums to be with along with WII bowling , social life , visiting and reminising brought her much pleasure..

There were many trials and tribulations over the years but through it all she remained strong and a person who didnt put up with sass from us kids

One of her wishes was that the Canadian Park Warden Alumni Association keep working on the Oral History program. So in lieu of any flowers etc she requested a donation to the Association in her memory. There was no service by request but this summer/fall her ashes  will be joining Dad and her daughter at a special place to them.

Kind regards  Robert Hermanrude