Hi everyone …
Sorry it’s been so very long since I’ve emailed.
This will be very quick but I thought it was high time I let you know of the progress of Blue Creek Bride, esp. those of you who generously made it possible!
The process has taken a lot longer than I’d thought, much like building a home, I guess. There always seems to be something you overlooked that needs doing or something that takes much longer than anticipated. Just as an example of what’s been happening: I’ve recently been checking what should have been the final digital proof of the book, only to find that there were three remaining mistakes but none of them were mine! Createspace had somehow omitted an entire paragraph and made other mistakes. These types of errors added weeks to the process.
However, as I email, a hard copy of the book is winging its way to me, and I should have it by this coming weekend! It will be my final chance to spot any mistakes. I’ll have to read every single word so it might take a few days but hopefully the book will be out by mid-late November! Not before time.
Well, that’s it for the moment. Will let you know when the book is available to buy!
lots of love
Leanne and Phil