A little background on a cause for Heroes for Paws fund raiser for Calgary Veteran’s Services Society and Ned’s Wish:

Brain Spreadbury stick handled getting Parks Canada K9s into the Ned’s Wish fold last summer. Ned’s Wish is a charity which supports police / peace officer service dogs in retirement helping to pay for vet bills etc.  Parks Canada dogs are protected under the Criminal Code like other police dogs and fit under the Ned’s Wish umbrella. Retired Parks Canada Dog Master Mike Henderson, and his buddy Paul, a retired fire fighter, are riding the Kettle Valley this fall to raise funds for Ned’s Wish and the Calgary Veterans Service Society. The funds will be split equally to each charity, and some local Bow Valley businesses have been super helpful with this endeavour. You might notice Paul’s bike panniers are fire red and Mike‘s are Warden green – of course! Mike says we’re not going to break any speed records on this ride but it should be fun and raising awareness and funds for these two cool charities will make it even better.

Anyone keen to ride next year?

Donations in support of this fund-raiser can be made through the paypal link below or through the QR code featured on the poster.