Oral History Project – interviews 2009-2013 (total of 30 completed to date)

PHASE 1 (8 interviews)

Andy Anderson

Gerry Campbell,

Frank Coggins

Joe Halstenson

Ole & Alice Hermanrude

Jack Holroyd

Gord Rutherford

Max & Julie Winkler

PHASE 2 – (7 interviews)

Murray Dawson

Elder, Mac & Cathy

Larry Gilmar

Smokie & Lyn Guttman

Perry Jacobson

Don & Grace Mickle

Earl Skjonsberg

PHASE 3 (8 interviews)

Ray Frey

Dorothy Carleton

John & Marie Nylund

Dale Portman and Kathy Calvert

Ann Dixon

Bob & Pat Haney

Gordon & Sandra McClain

Abe Loewen

PHASE 4 (7 interviews)

Jim and Muriel Woledge

Scott Ward

Larry Harbidge

Duane and Donna Martin

Gord and Sharon Anderson

Hans and Lili Fuhrer

Lou Comin