Ed Carleton

Ed Carleton at Mystery Cabin (who knows this cabin?)

Shadow Lake Cabin.Ed Carleton.1977

Ed Carleton at Shadow Lake Cabin

Bryant Creek Cabin.Ed Carleton.1975

Ed Carleton at Bryant Creek

Redearth Creek.Warden Cabin.Ed Carleton.1976

Ed Carleton at Red Earth Warden Cabin

Fortune Cabin.Ed Carleton.1975

Ed Carleton at Fortune /Warden Cabin

Gordon Antoniuk

Gord Antoniuk near the head of the Ram River – Ranger Notch area

Keith Everts - Healy Pass

Keith Everts – Healy Pass

Ed Carleton-1976 - Peyto cabin at Lost Horse Creek

Ed Carleton – old Bill Peyto Cabin – Lost Horse Creek

Ed Carleton.Carrot Crk. Headwaters

Ed Carleton – Summit of Carrot Creek

Monte Rose

Monte Rose