I received a note from Alison Buckingham regarding the Banff Social Club’s
beautiful coffee mugs which are available from The Banff Warden Office Social Committee. (M. Nylund)

IMG_9508 IMG_9521


The Res Con Office Social Committee is offering mugs for sale to staff and Park Warden Service Alumni members
The mugs are stamped with the ram’s head brand and were crafted in Canmore.
Two shapes and two colours are available in limited quantities. Each cup
will come with an information card about the horse brand.

$27 each – cash or cheque (to Banff Warden Office Social Committee)

Please see Ali Buckingham in the aquatics office of the Res Con
Building – Banff.

Alison can be reached by phone at (403) 762-1421
Email: Alison.Buckingham@pc.gc.ca