Below is a photo of the Boy and Girl scout building just across the old log bridge from the Healy Creek Warden station. At the time of the fire it was overrun with pack rats and in a poor state of repair. Banff  kids were using it and leaving a mess..  around about that time Warden Ole Hermanrude had hiked into Egypt Lake Warden Cabin from Sunshine and surprized 2 young fellows who were happily making a mess of the cabin ( this was before locks were needed).  They had hiked from Highway 1A ( then Hwy 1) across the Bow River on the old war time log

all the way up Red Earth Creek to Egypt Lake.. He made them clean up their mess and then sent them back out the way they came. Their parents were duly advised of their behaviour and I believe they were duly chastized  ( LOL)..