The Trail to the Charmed Land

By Ralph Edwards 1950

This delightful book is filled with adventure.  While working as a Guide for Tom Wilson, Ralph Edwards takes his clients over unexplored territory in the late 1800s. His memories of these years include the discovery of Yoho with Professor Habel in 1897; the first crossing of Dolomite Pass and the conquest of Mount Belfour in 1899 with Rev. Noyes, Rev. Nicholls, and lawyers Charles Thompson, and George Weed.  Ralph states, “A trip into the un-trodden world of the Rockies in the days of which I write was not a thing to be undertaken lightly and without due consideration.”


The following poem appears  in the front of the book.

“These are the Ghosts of the Hidden Trails;

The ghosts of the years that are gone;

When Youth rode over the hills in pride,

To seek what lay beyond.

Youth has passed and their steps are slow;

And some will ride no more;

But they showed the way and they blazed the trail

That leads to the Charmed Land,

And over the road with unseen ghosts

The millions pass today.”