The Park Warden Service Alumni Society will host a celebration at the Ya Ha Tinda Ranch on Wednesday, September 13th. This low-key informal event will be held from 2 pm to 4 pm at the flagpole. The ceremony will include invited guest speakers including several folks who lived, and worked at the ranch over many decades. A brief tour of the ranch museum will also take place. The book The Ya Ha Tinda Ranch: A Home Place written by Kathy Calvert will be available for purchase along with other items of interest. The general public is welcome to attend.    Visitors who intend to camp overnight are welcome to stay at Bighorn campground or Eagle Creek Campground.  Visitors may plan their trip to include a few days of horse riding, story telling, campfire music, and a general good ol’ time ! Bring your best stories, a guitar if you’re so inclined, your favourite refreshments, and prepare for lots of laughter, and more great memories!  And don’t forget to wear your Park Warden Service Alumni vest if you have one.