(00:09:43) (Colleen knew how to ride) a little bit, but nothing serious. Just growing up on her uncle’s farm, bareback. When we could still drive up the Panther (River), the one time I had my truck in there. A two and a half ton truck and we had the horses in there too. I had to bring the truck back around. I had to come down the Panther to the Mountain Aire (Lodge) and back up. She took the pack outfit across to the Ya-Ha Tinda.

(00:10:28) One time I had a guy with me and he wanted to go up and look around some more. We were leaving the old Dormer cabin. I packed up. She (Colleen) went over the short cut there. We come down the top end of the Dormer and down Stoney Creek. There was a sheep head laying alongside the trail going down Stoney Creek. I was going to pick it up and when I got there, it was gone. She stopped and tied it on the top pack. She took it to Stoney Creek.

(00:11:15) Any of them (wardens) that were married (had their wives with them in their districts). They raised their kids there and taught them correspondence.

(00:11:30) I’ve got five horses here, she (Colleen) owns three of them! I only own two! I got one here that she is riding now. We just bought him this summer. He’s quiet, he doesn’t know much. He’s only been used in an arena or indoors. I don’t know. But he’s quiet. He goes good…She (Colleen) used to take her own horse down to Waterton when she was still working for summer. She was a janitor in campgrounds and offices. She retired a year ago. She didn’t go back this summer. She was late going back in 2008 because I had my hip replacement and she stuck around until June, till I could get around on my own.

(00:13:04) Yeah, she was a good find. We got married 51 years ago, the fourth of September and we’re still together!

(00:13:42) Now, I don’t really get a day off until after Thanksgiving. We are busy on the weekends. That’s the only time Marie and Laura can get out because they are driving school buses. So anything during the week (that happens at Sunset Outfitting) I’ve got to look after…I’m getting sick and tired of riding the same trails. Sometimes two times a day!

Part Three (00:00:00) Larry Gilmar and me were out there doing trail work up the Dormer. We were eating supper; the timber hadn’t grown up that much. The window from the table looked right out across the J.I. Hill. The top trail (that the elk) were traveling, there’s one little pine tree and we counted them as they went past that tree. It was 1300 head of elk headed back into Banff park, up the dormer! That was in 1961.

Part Four (00:00:14) (In Stoney Creek) I had coyotes, wolverines, I had everything. One time I think it was about 1964/65 they were having complaints from people hiking up in that country, the Cascade, running into grizzlies. They told me to take a week and count the grizzlies in your area. I got 35 grizzles in that small Cascade Valley in the Dormer and Stoney Creek, in a week. I went up the mountain behind Stoney Creek on the west side of Cascade and I could see a whole bunch of country…I sat up there and counted bears with binoculars…I knew what was in Stoney Creek and Dormer…35 grizzlies…They had nobody bothering them…