It was the Chief Warden Residence in Yoho National Park.
(01:19:13) There is a very interesting story about the Langford family. They had two boys and the oldest boy was Pat. Pat was in the Second World War. Do you recall the movie The Great Escape? He was in on that. He was part of that whole episode. That was a true story, of course they dramatized a lot of it, but he was a part of that escape. Of course as you know they all ended up being caught and killed.

(01:22:14) That’s the old hotel that burned down (showing another photo). It was one of our landmarks…It was a grand hotel…They had everything in there (in Mount Stephen House). They had a theater…It was old so they tore it down, then replaced it with a CPR building. There were movies three times a week. There was Friday and Saturday. Fridays were usually for the kids. We went Friday nights and then Saturday nights were for the adults. Tuesday (was) for adults. Very rarely did we get to go to the Tuesday one. That was a school night.

(01:23:06) These are some of the old timers in Field (showing another photo). That’s (retired warden) Glen Brook and Irene. That’s my sister again. That’s Sam Lee, he was the laundry man. He had the laundry business in town. That’s Art Davis, he used to be our Santa Claus and Glen was his helper. They used to do the outlying areas, like they used to come out to Leanchoil. And (they came) when we went into town as well. They would come and give a gift. He’d be dressed up as Santa Claus. In fact there was a section house up at Wapta. Wapta Lake…You had to walk from the highway over to the section house and while they were doing that the passenger train came by. So (the train) would stop and all the people would get out and take pictures. They saw this Santa out in the middle of nowhere, out in this snow bank!

(01:25:02) That’s a warden school (showing another photo)

Warden School in Jasper 1966

Warden School in Jasper 1968

(01:29:14) (Leanna, Gordon’s daughter, joined the interview briefly) Gordon – “As I was saying, you were born out at Leanchoil, and actually she was married out there too.”