(0:58:41) Gordon – You were still a park warden in Banff?

(0:58:45) Helen – Bob Hand took leave or something. He (Bob Hand) was the Chief Park Warden. I went over early with the kids and then he came over and took over from Bob. Bob was going on extended leave or something…After Jasper (as the head of Visitor Services) we went to Kootenay. That was when he was Operations Manager. Then he went to Banff as the head of Visitor Services and that was it.

(0:59:51) Gordon – You were a few years in Jasper, so you would have been promoted to a grade two and from there you went on to be a Chief Park Warden. Pretty rapid promotions!

(1:00:14) Oh every one of them. (In response to the question, “Which park did you like the best?) Like people they were characters within themselves. Each had its own features. I liked them all. They were great. I was very glad to see them preserved as Canadian assets. Couldn’t be better!

(1:01:04) Once I retired I didn’t miss it (being a warden).

(1:01:08) Helen – We bought a house that wasn’t finished and he finished the house. He was always going to go back to work. He was like Gordon, neither one of them ever did!

(1:01:21) Gordon – We like this retirement life too much! He (Murray) still golf’s…

(1:01:51) If I didn’t go golf three times a week, I would be going back to work somewhere!

Former Chief Wardens Murray Dawson and Gerry Campbell in Point Pelee National Park – 1962

Helen Dawson passed away on January 20th, 2018 at the age of 97.