cliff rescue practice

(00:03:38) – (Showing another picture) That’s getting a fellow across a canyon.

(00:03:53) (Showing a newspaper clipping) There’s Herb Ashley. He was the Chief Warden when I joined in Banff in 1955. Then he went to Superintendent after that. He was a Banff resident; I guess you could call him. It says in here that during the war he was a bomber commander or something. I didn’t know that he had that experience. But anyway, he was a nice guy.

(00:04:31) (Showing a newspaper clipping) – This is down in Waterton Park. There was a cougar who came into town that was wounded in the neck. They thought it was wounded by another cougar. It took refuge under a pile of plywood. We were afraid it was going to harm somebody, because people were coming around looking and peeping. So we didn’t have a tranquilizer gun in those days. (Pointing to a man in the picture) That’s me and this was in Waterton. So we called the boys across the road, the line, in the States (in Glacier National Park). (And asked) Their biologist to come over with their tranquilizer gun. So we tranquilized it and then we dragged it out (from under the plywood) and put it in the bear trap and hauled it out to Red Rock Canyon and released it.

(00:05:27) – (Showing another picture) This is Cuthead College. We all had to do our chores. That’s Ole (Hermanrude), that’s me, that’s Hughie Jennings and that’s Gerry Johnston. You probably haven’t heard of him. He was ski patrol.

chopping wood

(00:05:48) (Showing another picture) – This is crossing a canyon on a static line.

(00:06:07) (Showing more pictures) – Here are other shots of Cuthead College. A lot of variety of work in that job (the warden job).